Trademark in India

A Trademark is a recognizable sign, design or expression which distinguishes products or services of a company from others in the market.

Logo design plays a crucial role in representing company’s image, recognition, trust and loyalty thus helps to build up brand awareness. Trayambak creates unique logo designs to distinguish products or services of a company from others.
Trademark search is an essential requirement before filing to ensure that the applied trademark does not exist or is in use by others. The search procedure involves the use of database to search among all registered, application stage and unregistered trademarks used by the business organizations to provide an accurate report to the client with an assurance that no similar trademark exists.
To obtain the trademark right one should register their application in their concerned jurisdiction.

Post Trademark Filing Support and oppositions

Highly experienced trademark agents and attorneys prepares responses to office actions, opposition.

Renewal Assistance

Trademark Protection is perpetual. Trademark protection is accorded for a period of ten years at first, after which it needs to be periodically renewed every 10 years. The process of renewal needs to be started 6months prior expiry. Unlike patents, copyrights or industrial design trademark rights can last indefinitely if the owner continues to use the mark. However, if a registered trademark is not renewed, it is liable to be removed from the register

Trademark Watch

Trademark is an important IP asset that adds considerable value, reputation and good-will to the business. Therefore, it is important we diligently protect the trademark from being infringed by others. Trademark Watch helps in tracking existing and potential trademarks. It also helps in identifying similar trademarks that might cause public confusion or has the potential to dilute the trademark’s reputation.