Patent prosecution

Patent prosecution, drafting, application drafting

Patent prosecution generally refers to the process of obtaining a patent from the Patent Office. The process begins with the preparation and filing of the patent application.

Patent Drafting

Patent drafting is the art of techno-legal writing to cover various features of an invention in a written techno-legal format.

Provisional patent application drafting

Provisional patent specifications drafting services are usually availed by clients when sufficient details are not available to draft a complete patent specification. A Provisional Application which provides immediate filing date and protection for the invention. Upon drafting and filing a provisional application, a complete patent application has to be drafted and filed within 12 months of filing the provisional application. This application will never proceed further or will not give you any protection as such but it will give you 12 months of time and you are allowed to claim “Patent Pending” Status for 12 months.

Complete patent application drafting/Non provisional patent application

Patent specification has to be drafted to perfection, as it is the most critical document that protects your interests in the invention. A good patent specification can be drafted only if one has the capability to thoroughly understand the technical aspects of the invention and a good understanding of the legal aspects of patenting. Our experience and qualification in both technology and patent law gives us the necessary skills to provide value added patent specifications drafting services. We have registered patent agents within trayambak, who have immense experience in drafting patent specifications.

Patent Filing

A patent filing is the process of filing a drafted application in an appropriate patent office along with necessary forms and fees. Patent application may be either national or International or PCT or Convention Application. After 18 months from the date of filing, the patent application shall be published. The patent application is reviewed by competent Patent Examiners. If there are any discrepancies, the Patent Examiner informs the applicant, whereupon appropriate action is taken. These may include amendment of claims, or classification or drawings that the Examiner feels should be amended. This ‘office action’ and ‘response to office action’ may occur several times before a patent is finally allowed (or rejected).

At Trayambak, for patent filing and assisting in patent prosecution, we provide end-to-end services that include preparing patent applications with client’s feedback, filing patent applications, active prosecution and close monitoring of pending patent application that includes preparing response to official action, handling of pre-grant opposition, post-grant opposition and appeals, strategizing amendments for maximizing impact, attending hearings whenever required and tracking the application during examination till grant. Our team includes patent agents in India, who are well versed with the procedural requirements of filing patent applications in the Indian Patent Office.

  • Filing patent applications in Indian Patent Office
  • Filing ordinary patent applications in Indian Patent Office
  • Filing convention patent applications in Indian Patent Office
  • Filing National phase patent applications in Indian Patent Office
  • Filing PCT applications and patent applications in patent offices outside India
  • Renewal of Indian Patents
  • Filing statement relating to working of patent